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Brochure copy and rough layout for Northern Rockies Orthopaedics Extremity MRI brochure. Created while

working as independent contractor for Full Moon Concepts.




photo; Relaxed, happy patient using Extremity MRI machine.


Logo: Northern Rockies Orthopaedics

2831 Ft. Missoula Road, Suite 232

Missoula, MT 59804


(406) 728-6101

or (800) 823-2663


(inside spread - left)
A Better MRI Experience


 An extremity MRI provides images of the extremities (ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, hand, etc.) without the use of x-rays or other ionizing radiation. In many cases, MRI imaging is superior to x-rays and CT scans. The Extremity MRI at Northern Rockies Orthopaedics provides non-obtrusive, comfortable scanning of both lower and upper extremities. While this benefits the majority of patients, it is particularly helpful with patients who feel fearful or claustrophobic in regular MRI machines. In addition, Extremity
MRI offers the added benefit of a procedure which is often cheaper and less time-consuming than a traditional MRI. At Northern Rockies Orthopaedics, a subspecialized musculoskeletal radiologist is available to consult with our physicians on every MRI exam.


(inside spread – right)

The Advantages of Extremity MRI

-The examination is both painless and non-confining, offering patients a much more comfortable experience.


-An MRI scan is able to identify abnormalities much earlier than any other method, resulting in more effective diagnosis and treatment.


-Unlike x-rays, MRI imaging can look through bones to identify problems with soft tissue. In addition, MRI scanning does not use ionizing radiation.


-Because of its ability to image any plane, MRI is superior to a CT scan for certain applications.


-MRI uses two natural, safe forces: magnetic fields and radio waves. The MRI has no known side effects.



 (Back Cover)


(Photo of active person walking, biking, etc.)

Find out all the advantages of Extremity MRI by calling Northern Rockies Orthopaedics at (406) 728-6101 or (800) 823-2663.


Northern Rockies Orthopaedics accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield


Logo: Northern Rockies Orthopaedics

2831 Ft. Missoula Road, Suite 232

Missoula, MT 59804


This is a very simple, straightforward public service annoncement done for the WMVC. It is intentionally brief to be read in a :30 radio slot. Logo by Flying Monkey also.



January 29, 2010
:30 Public Service Announcement
For immediate release
Contact: Colleen Baldwin, Missoula Aging Services, 728-7682

Are you looking to volunteer in your community? Check out the Western Montana Volunteer Center web site and find volunteer openings at charitable organizations throughout the area. Visit www.volunteer.umt.edu and make a difference in your community.

The Western Montana Volunteer Center is a program of Missoula Aging Services, a United Way agency.





This is the rough layout of a print ad for Mismo Gymnastics. We worked up the copy with Full Moon Concepts.


Photo: Little girl tumbling

Winning is Everything

At Mismo Gymnastics, we believe everyone is a winner. And we know that gymnastics is a great way for kids to learn fitness, agility, poise, and confidence. In other words, our programs in gymnastics (and our award winning Cheer and Dance program) help bring out the winner in kids of all ages. Come down to our absolutely FREE Open Gym Party on Saturday, August 25, from 9 to 3 PM and find out what Mismo Gymnastics and All Star Cheer can do for your kids. The focus is on fun. We’ll have tumbling, games, treats, and more. Sign up for fall classes, too.

 (Mismo logo)

Joy comes from learning.

1900 W. Broadway, Missoula
West of Russell behind Mission Mattress


Press release written for 3 Rivers Wireless


Press Contact: Ernie Peterson, Operations Manager
                        3 Rivers Wireless
                        Tel: 406-727-9742
                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3 Rivers Wireless Announces Trigger Push-to-Talk System

Fairfield, MT – May 23, 2005 – 3 Rivers Wireless, a wholly owned subsidiary of 3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative in Fairfield, MT, announces Trigger, their advanced new push-to-talk (PTT) system with the latest in wireless voice services. Trigger offers instant communication features that are well beyond standard “walkie-talkie” or basic cellular offerings. The Trigger push-to-talk system, only available through 3 Rivers Wireless, provides many enhanced value features including instant availability, instant calling and instant conferencing.
According to Ernie Peterson, Operations Manager for 3 Rivers Wireless, “This technology is ideal for all facets of the trades industry, delivery companies, auto dealerships, or similar businesses that require instant communications.”
In order to support Trigger, 3 Rivers Wireless has become the seventh communications company worldwide to employ the Kodiak RTX System which supports Trigger’s advanced capabilities . “Investing in the latest premium voice services is consistent with 3 Rivers’ reputation for introducing innovative technology,” said Richard Henderson, Kodiak Networks Vice President Sales-Americas.
“3 Rivers Wireless and its parent company have track records of outpacing larger telecommunications companies in implementation of new technologies,” added Peterson, “Our subscribers have wide-ranging needs for instant communications and are ready for the ‘next-level’ technology that Trigger provides.”
About 3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc
3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc was incorporated in 1953. One of the largest and most progressive independent telephone companies in Montana, 3 Rivers and its subsidiaries operate local, long-distance, internet, digital wireless (www,3riverswireless.com), direct broadcast satellite, interactive video and business telephone systems serving 26 rural exchanges as well as most of the population centers in the state. Known for its progressive approach to technology, the cooperative delivers advanced systems and services to subscribers, while retaining its original philosophy of providing superior, personalized customer service.


A cute little print ad done for the Western Montana Volunteer Center



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