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This is a short story that stands on its own. Berk Willis travels to Algeria and finds himself in the company of a local warlord who convinces him to help hunt down a killer hyena. Or is something more sinister stalking the remote village? The story will be part of Strange Hunting II which will be out in 2016.

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This is a short story I wrote which ended up being chapter one of "Tales of The Apocalypse, the popular online zombie story. I think it stands on its own quite well...

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My latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Zombies, is now available on Amazon.com. I's your one-stop source for all things zombie. Zombie anatomy, history, movies, music, culture, events and more. Want to read about zombie shows and games, see the best zombies from the world of movies, or find strategies for fighting the undead? It's all here. Check out The Utimate Guide to Zombies here.


Strange Hunting and Strange Hunting II are still popular and still getting great reviews. Both are a mix of action and horror set in locations all over the world.

Strange Hunting now has 19 reviews, including this new one;

"I think the title says it all. This is a good old fashioned horror book. All of the characters were cool and brave. But they were human and sometimes fearful. Give this one a read you won't be sorry!"

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Here are some quotes from the latest reviews for Strange Hunting II.

"... this was a very interesting, exciting, and unique book, and if you liked the first one, you'll definitely like this second one even better."

" I enjoyed Strange Hunting 1 immensely and was eager to see what became of Berk in this 2nd offering. More creative jaunts into the dark world of monster hunting and a few of his friends awaits. As usual the chapters are well written, beautifully descriptive and some terrifying enough for bad dreams."

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The Brave and the Dead is a sword and sorcery fantasy set in a vast Norse world. Readers have enjoyed the action, the characters, and the underdog main character. Here's the latest review.

"I've loved stories about Norsemen ever since I was a little kid (discovered them via Thor comics). This novel is an exciting, bloody story about one young hero from the North who finds himself engaged in a war with the undead. He's a very likable, flawed main character and I quickly found myself cheering him on. If you like well written adventure stories with a supernatural twist, this is the book for you."

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Here's a flash fiction piece I wrote about the town I live in. Everyone has dogs. Everyone. Almost like it's required....

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